Knowledge Base and FAQs

How do I send comments and replies?

You can post comments and reply to other comments on any task you have access to.

When viewing a task, go to the Activity tab to see all previous comments and add new comments.


To send a comment:

  • Write your comment in the area provided.
  • Select team members to notify, if relevant. By default, the task owner will be selected.
  • If appropriate, you can also add email addresses to notify people who are not project members.
  • Attach any documents to the comment
  • Click the green Comment button to post your comment to the task

After sending a comment:

  • The comment will be listed under the task's Activity feed
  • Any attachments will be stored in the task's Documents list and will also appear in the project's Documents list for those that have permission to view the corresponding task
  • Project team recipients will immediately receive an email with the text of your comment, a link to the comment on the Midaxo platform, and links to any documents you attached.
  • Email recipients that are not project members will receive a similar message, but will not be able to open the task nor any documents you attached.
  • Your comment and any documents you attached will also be mentioned in the next daily digest that goes out to project members that have access to the task.

The number of comments on a particular task will be shown on the task tree. Click on the number to go to the Activity tab.


To reply to a comment:

  • Reply to the comment email (without removing the specific comment email address). Note that comment replies can only contain text.  Any attachments in comment replies will be discarded.
  • OR open the comment in Midaxo and click on Reply

Comment replies will be tracked in the task's Activity feed and will also be immediately delivered by email to the comment recipients.

Example use cases:

  • Ask a question from a fellow team member about a specific task
  • Discuss with specific team members about a particular topic
  • Notify team members of a change or addition to a particular task*
  • Send a reminder to a task owner to update the notes/status of a specific task
  • Simply provide a team member with a pointer to a specific task

* When uploading a document to a task, the optional notification will be treated just like a comment on the task.

For the sake of clarity, note that the task comment email address is not the same as the task email.