Knowledge Base and FAQs

How does the search feature work on the pipeline?

The pipeline’s search feature can be very useful. You can search across your pipeline for multiple keywords at the same time. Keywords will be highlighted directly. The search will be performed across all cover page fields.


All project members can use this search feature, but the search results only include projects that a member has permission to access.

Advanced Pipeline Filter:

The advanced pipeline filter allows all users to quickly narrow the search to specific fields. Below is a quick guide on how to use the feature:

1. From the drop-down box, you can see all the filterable fields. This includes all the fields that are found on the cover page.


2. Once the filter is selected, you can type a keyword into the search box

3. To apply the filter, simply click the “+” icon, located to the right of the search box.

4. It is possible to apply more then one filter at once. To do this, repeat the above process.

5. To remove a filter, just click the red remove icon, as shown below: