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How do I export data from my account?

There are multiple export options in Midaxo.

You can export data from various views throughout the Midaxo platform:

Process admins can export all project data.  Project admins can export all data for projects they are responsible for.  Project members can export data for projects, cover page fields, tasks, documents, and issues they have access to.


Open the PIPELINE view and select Export > Primary and Secondary fields (or Primary fields only) to export an offline version of the pipeline to Excel.



Open the DATA view, select all the fields you want to export from the Choose Visible Fields list, and then export the data to Excel.  Note that the export will contain the data that is visible on-screen so adjust the filters accordingly.



Open the Widgets view, select the dashboard you want to export, and then export the data to Excel.  One worksheet will contain a snapshot of the widgets and a second worksheet will contain the supporting data.


Project cover page

Open the project Overview and select Export to retrieve an offline version of the project cover page (.docx).


Tasks & Documents

There are several ways to export tasks from a project.

To export all tasks and documents from a project open the project Tasks list and choose Export > Project Folder. (If your project has documents but no tasks, add one task to the project to enable this option.)


The Project folder .zip file will contain:

  • The tasks' deal notes (Goals.docx) and guidance (Guide.docx), also in a combined document (GoalsAndGuide.docx)
  • The task list export (Schedule.xls), including the following for each task:
    • Unique numerical identifier
    • Task name
    • Task status
    • Task owner(s)
    • Summary text
    • Start date
    • End dates
    • Predecessor tasks (if any)
  • A Documents folder with subfolders for each task that contains documents, numbered in the same way as in the task list export (Schedule.xls)
  • A Project Files folder containing all other project documents, if any, that are not associated with any task

If you only need to export tasks per person or per project phase then consider exporting these from the My Tasks view, with the appropriate filters selected.



Issues can be exported per project.  Open the project Issues list and choose Export.  Note that the export will contain the data that is visible on-screen so adjust the filters accordingly.



Only process admins can export data from the users list of a particular process.  Open the USERS view and choose Export.  The export will contain the username, first name, last name, title, company name, email address, phone number, and process-level role of all users in the selected process.