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How do I copy and paste tasks into Midaxo?

Midaxo provides you with several easy ways to import an offline task structure into a newly created project.

Project Admins, Process Admins, and task Admins can import tasks using the Import from Excel option.

Midaxo provides you with several easy ways to import an offline task structure into a newly created project.  If you have your tasks already listed in plain text or in an Excel file, follow the steps below. (Alternatively, you can also import a task structure with guidance included using the Import from Word option or import tasks from another project or template as well.)

  • Go to the project’s “Tasks” view.
  • Click IMPORT and choose "Import from Excel"

  • Select the task under which you want to import your tasks, if any
  • Paste your task list from Excel or any other text document into the "Copy/Paste Task Structure "dialog box.

  • Use the indentation buttons to set the hierarchy of tasks. Alternatively, press the tab key to increase indentation or shift + tab to decrease indentation on the selected task(s). You can apply the same indentation to many tasks by first selecting them with your mouse, as the screenshot above shows. 
  • When you are satisfied with the new structure, select whether you want to import the tasks to the bottom of the project’s task tree, or as sub-tasks of a previously selected task.  (Note: This choice is not available for project members with the task admin permission becuase they cannot add tasks at the root project level.)
  • Click the “Preview” button to see what the project task structure will look like after the import. If something still needs to be adjusted, click the “Edit Again” button.
  • Click the “Import” button to finish importing the tasks.

Downloadable guide: Apply your M&A checklist in Midaxo

Alternative: Import the task hierarchy from Exce

Advanced users can also systematically pre-configure the task hierarchy in Excel such that no manual configuration is needed. (A similar method can also be used with the Import from Word option).

To do this kind of an import, you will need and Excel sheet with period-separated numerical indexing in column A and the task names in column B, like in the example below.  


As above, in Midaxo go to Tasks, choose Import, and Import from Excel.   Select both columns A and B from your Excel sheet and paste them into the "Copy/Paste Task Structure "dialog box.  The index in column A will be used to set the task hierarchy, but will not be imported with the tasks in column B.


  • Preview and Import the task structure as above.