Knowledge Base and FAQs

01. Introduction to Enhanced Analytics in Midaxo

Welcome to the Midaxo’s enhanced Analytics Beta! This application is a full-featured business intelligence solution that runs in your browser. Technical and non-technical users can build interactive tabular reports, visualizations, and dashboards

Getting to Analytics Beta

To access the Analytics platform, simply select the Analytics Beta tab from the view options in the upper right-hand corner of any screen in Midaxo.  A separate tab will then open in your browser displaying a Welcome screen with links so several helpful videos and tools to get you started.

Getting started

If you are new here, welcome! You can get started immediately by clicking the Create New Report icon and selecting ExpressView.


If you are a veteran reporter looking to take advantage of our advanced features, click the Create New Report  icon and select Advanced Report.

Once you have made one or more reports, you can organize them onto a workspace by clicking the Create New Report  icon and selecting Dashboard.

Managing Reports

To see the reports that you and others have made, click the Browse Reports  icon. To locate a specific report, type the name of the report into the Search field.


Browse existing reports

Select a report and click the Run  icon to Run it. If there is no Run icon click the Menu  icon and select Run Report.

You can run a report and save it as a PDF, RTF, CSV, or Excel (XLS) file. Click the Menu  icon, hover over Export As, and select a format.


Report options menu

Double-click a report to Edit it. If a report has a lock icon then it is read-only, and you cannot edit it. But you can make an editable duplicate of the report. Click the Menu  icon and select Duplicate.

Managing folders

Reports are organized into folders. To make a new folder, click + Add Folder and enter a name for the folder.

A folder name cannot contain the following characters:
\ / : * ? " < > |

To move a report or folder into a folder, drag it into that folder.

If a folder has a lock icon then it is read-only. You cannot edit or delete this folder or the folders and reports within it.

Why am I here?


Help tab and help buttons

Click the Get help icon to open the help page for the feature on screen. Right now you are in the Home page of the Contextual Help.

If you do not want to see the Getting Started page anymore, you can instead choose a report to run when you start the app. Click the Change User Preferences  icon to open the User Preferences window. In the Startup Reports page, select a report and click Add. Then click OK.


Choosing a startup report

To close this tab, click the Close this tab  icon.