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Login for Users on Accounts with SSO Integration

For SSO and non-SSO users in accounts with Single-Sign-On Integration

There are two categories of users on clients account with SSO integration enabled: SSO users and non-SSO users.

SSO users will need to use their configured identity provider to log in to Midaxo.

Non-SSO users will use use their Midaxo credentials to log in to Midaxo.

When SSO integration is enabled on an account, all users are by default set up as SSO users. Users with the Company Administrator role can configure user categorization in the user's Security tab in the Users view:

SSO Settings

Users on client accounts with SSO integration enabled use the same login screen as everyone else, available at <cloud or us> Upon entering their email address, if they are categorized as SSO users, they will be redirected to their identity provider to sign in.