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Data Source Integration FAQ

FAQ for Data Source Integration

Boost your target evaluation process though seamlessly searching and adding target information from over public and private 250 sources.

1. Is this included in my Midaxo subscription or is it an additional cost?

Midaxo Insights is included at no additional costs.

2. Where does this information come from?

This data is compiled from over 250 public and private sources. While we cannot guarantee accuracy, all data is checked thoroughly for accuracy through strict quality control guidelines.

3. How often is this data updated?

This data is updated real-time. If you would like this update your collected information, click Insights button again to pull the current information to override the previous information.

4. Does this override my existing data fields?

Midaxo Insight fields includes 15 additional fields. You can use these instead of your static fields, but you will need to adjust any reports or dashboards to reflect the new fields.

5. Can I add Midaxo Insights to just one process or will it become active for all of my processes?

Midaxo Insights is set up by process, so you can have for one project but not another.

Enabling Midaxo Insights

Midaxo Insights in enabled at the process level. In the process selection dropdown, you should see an option for Process Settings.


This is where you can change the name and description of a process, as well as enable Midaxo Insights.


Once Midaxo Insights is enabled, you will find the Midaxo Insights section in the coverpage of all projects.


To link a company, open the menu next to the project name. You will see an option which reads “Link a Company from Midaxo Insights.


After selecting “Link a Company from Midaxo Insights,” a search box will pop up.


The search bar is predictive and will suggest companies and show their logos.


Select a company and hit save.


After saving, the Midaxo Insights fields will populate with data.


You can link a new company (overwriting the current company), refresh data, or unlink a company in the same dropdown menu from which you linked a company.


All Midaxo Insights information is visible in the coverpage, and in Analytics.


Disabling Midaxo Insights

Midaxo Insights can be disabled at the process level the same way in which it was enabled. Uncheck the “Enable Midaxo Insights for this process” box and press save.



Our data comes from a collection of over 250 private and public sources. It is not guaranteed to be accurate.