Knowledge Base and FAQs

Introduction to Midaxo

Midaxo is a web-based M&A management solution that can be accessed by web browser. Each user receives an invitation email that includes their username and password with a link to the sign-in page.

Supported browsers are Internet Explorer 11, Firefox, Chrome and Safari

Multi-Process Management

In addition to M&A, Midaxo’s customers also use the software to manage other processes such as divestments, restructurings, litigations, contract negotiations, IPR filings, financial filings, etc.

Pipeline Management

The Pipeline is a visual presentation of projects organized by stages in the M&A workflow process. The columns represent the stages and each project is represented as a card placed in its current stage.

Project Management

A project is created to manage and store all data related to a single M&A deal, for example: task lists, issues and risks, documents, emails, team member assignments and schedules.

Midaxo Analytics and Reporting

Midaxo Analytics gives a bird's eye view of your deal portfolio and enables simple pipeline reporting. Learn how you can visualize the progress of your projects or get data for further detailed analysis.

Importing Your Own Data

Learn how to get your projects and checklists from your Office documents to Midaxo.

Task Management

Tasks are activities to be completed in order for a project to move forward. Each task can be considered a mini-project with its own responsible persons, document list, issue and risk list, communications and schedule.

Document Management

Document management is an important part of project and task management. You can upload documents from your computer or link documents from outside sources. The documents are stored in one place where you can access, share or edit them anytime.

Issues/Risks Management

Each project or task may have related issues or risks. The difference between an issue and a risk is its actuality or its potential to occur. In other words, an issue is something already known that needs action or a resolution. A risk is something that could affect the outcome of a project, but has not yet happened.

Events Management

Events help managing interactions like e-mails, calls and meetings with stakeholders, such as targets, advisors and/or internal parties.

User Roles and Permissions

Learn about organizing users in groups and providing different levels of access to different features in Midaxo.

Account Management

This section contains information about passwords, data transfer, expiring accounts and other account information.